Monday, February 22, 2010

This was a good meeting!

Today I was on the #seneca-oop344 channel on freenode and noticed Code junkies team having a meeting so I sat and watched. I was amazed to see how nicely this group managed an IRC meeting and used the SVN repository to work on their project concurrently and debug their code.

Few weeks ago these students had no idea what IRC or a code repository is but now take a look:

Good job!

Other OOP344 teams should take a look and follow....

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  1. Nice! Running and participating in an IRC meeting is an art that's tricky to master (particularly listening to multiple parallel threads of conversations when the channel gets really hot). In the #fedora-meeting channels, stickster and poelstra are masters of this - there are lots of IRC meeting logs available at if your students want to take a look at how other people run theirs.

    One thing that transformed IRC meetings for me was the addition of a logging bot. In Fedora, we use a meetbot plugin for zodbot: What this means is that if we want to, say, assign someone an action item in the meeting, we type "#action Mel finish the foobar() function by Tuesday" (or whatever) and it automatically gets added to meeting notes at the end (they look something like

    If there isn't a meeting bot available, and the students keep logs, they can always still use the tags (#action, #info, etc) and grep for them afterwards; sometimes I do that when I'm in a channel with no bot.

    Gobby is another great distributed meeting tool - see