Friday, February 19, 2010

I have a problem with eclipse

I want to use eclipse (C/C++) on Fedora for my OOP344 introduction to open source class and I have a problem preventing me to do so.

The project we are doing is a multi platform text editor in text mode and I need to run and debug the program in a shell window of its own.

In windows, Visual Studio, that is exactly what is happening. I can run and debug the program and walk through each line while the text editor is running in a separate text window. Like this I can demonstrate the execution steps for the students.
In eclipse however, the output of the program is redirected into a console tab within the IDE!!!
That completely ruins the purpose of using an IDE to show the students how the program is running. Of course I can build the project then run the program from a shell window, but then what is the difference between eclipse and a syntax highlighting text editor?

Does anyone know how to have eclipse run the program in a separate shell of its own?

Feedback is greatly appreciated...


  1. Thanks for the reminder and the convenient link. ;-) I'll ping some of the Red Hat Toronto interns who worked with Eclipse this summer - they might know how to get around this.

  2. Marc Khouzam says (at [1]):

    You can run the program in an xterm using gdbserver.

    > gdbserver :9999 ./myProgram

    Then, from Eclipse launch a C/C++ Application but make sure to select (from the hyperlink the bottom)
    the GDB (DSF) Remote System Process Launcher.

    Set the right connection parameters in the Debugger tab and pres Debug.

    The program will run in the xterm but you can debug from Eclipse.