Thursday, July 23, 2009

POSSE - Day 3

Today was the most enjoying day of POSSE. We worked on Mozilla to make a little change in the way new tabs are added.

We worked on our builds on remote virtual machines and searched the code for the proper place for modification. We used Mozilla Cross-Reference for searching the code. I searched trough huge projects like before. Their search engine is called {OpenGrok. I have to admit, that searching through Mozilla code is much easier than going through

The remote debugging was too slow so I decided to check out the code and work locally on my own machine, Christian did the same but only few minutes before me and apparently someone during those couple of minutes committed a patch that broke the build.

His build was going through, but mine, doing the exact same thing was failing.
It was interesting for me to see how just couple of minutes difference in checking out the code, could cause such difference it build.

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  1. I find that Mozilla is a much easier project to work with than But it's not totally the fault of the OOo community... they just need Seneca's help. =^)

    Are you going to be teaching open source content again this year?